Tomanetti Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of quality pizza crusts. Our plant is located in the scenic town of Oakmont, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We offer a wide variety of par-baked crusts that meet the highest standards of taste, convenience and consistency yet still provide you with an eye-catching appeal. Tomanetti’s is a specialty bakery and pizza distributor that can help you make that pizza just the way you want it.

Tomanetti Foods was established in 1957 and has been a family business ever since. Tom Mulvey, Sr., founded the company out of the back of a truck, distributing products to bars and restaurants in Western Pennsylvania.

Over time, he expanded the business and realized that the only way to have control over the quality of the par-baked crusts was to bake them himself. So, our bakery was born in 1971.

With a good bit of hard work, learning from others, and persistence, the family built the bakery from a small, makeshift facility to an automated and efficient commercial operation. We now produce a variety of products for all aspects of the foodservice industry; from chain stores, schools and amusement parks to your local grocer, pub, restaurant or pizza shop.

Our most recent additions to our product line are our focaccia and an all-natural garnished pizza (sold under our Graindance label). These products have enabled us to move even further into such markets as gourmet and all-natural restaurants, retail stores, and co-ops.

Behind every Tomanetti product is our family’s commitment to quality and service. As Tom Mulvey, Sr., used to put it, "Tell us how you like it, and we’ll make it that way."

Tomanetti Food Products, Inc.
631 Allegheny Avenue
Oakmont, PA 15139
Fax 412-828-2282