-Recipe 57- Simple and GMO free!

1 Homestyle Tomanetti’s Crust ½c. BBQ sauce, 4-to-5-oz 1c. mozzarella cheese, shredded 1small red onion, sliced 2c. chicken, fully cooked ½tbsp. olive oil
January 27, 2020

-Recipe 57- Simple and GMO free!

“We intend to pursue a company philosophy of baking the highest quality and most natural recipes in the industry,” said Joe Bute, Tomanetti CEO. “This is our first of future initiatives that will respond to the growing demand from consumers for food products that are better for you and healthier.”

The name assigned to the recipe will be “Recipe 57”. The thinking behind the name goes back to the original date of incorporation for the company was in 1957. It was also a time when far fewer preservatives were used in food manufacturing. Recipe 57 will be available in all of the standard products we produce Original, Homestyle, Sicilian, etc.

Tomanetti Food Products announces the availability of a new recipe for its customers – simple and GMO-free!

Based on independent testing by Microbac Labs, the new crust contains the following nutrients:

Based on independent testing by Microbac Labs, the new crust contains the nutrients above.

(Oakmont PA) Tomanetti Food Products (www.tomanetti.com ) announced today that it will introduce a new recipe for pizza crusts and flatbreads that are reformulated to be GMO-free and contains no artificial ingredients.

The formulation of Recipe 57 was the result of six months testing and planning by the development team at Tomanetti’s. Recipe 57 uses a non-GMO flour that is non-bromated and unbleached.  There are no supply issues with this new variety.  Further, the team eliminated all artificial ingredients including dimethylpolysiloxane, TBHQ and calcium propionate.

Customers who wish to switch to this new crust should contact either their current Tomanetti distributor or Tomanetti directly to discuss their specific needs.

The company is pursuing other initiatives including frozen dough, a gluten-free line, consumer-friendly pizza kits and eventually a finished pizza made from locally sourced ingredients. Tomanetti invites current and new customers to discuss their specific needs.

Tomanetti Food Products is a custom specialty bakery. Located in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, the company was established in 1958 and entered the commercial baking industry in 1971 after serving the greater Oakmont community with one of the most well-regarded pizzas in the area for over twenty years.  Using a handmade, cold press process, Tomanetti offers over 45 different styles.  Each crust is individually made and immediately frozen to ensure freshness when it is ready to be prepared and served.  The company makes well over 4 million crusts annually, distributes through 65 regional and national distributors and ships product to more than 18 states each year.

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